French Love Letters Wall Stencil


Our  French Love Letters Wall Stencils with easy-to-use registration marks allow you to easily repeat across your wall perfectly every time. Create a romantic stenciled wallpaper effect of French phrases and love quotes in your bathroom or bedroom, or simply stencil an eye catching accent wall. This intricate typography stencil is perfect for either modern or vintage style room decor. For smaller DIY projects such as painted furniture or cabinets, use our French Love Letters Furniture Stencil. Stencil Pattern Size: 28"w x 21"hStencil Sheet Size: 30"w x 23"hSingle Layer DesignSKU#: 6224L The French love expressions translate in English to:  I adore you my darling, my heart I love you very much My angel, you are my love You are the love of my life Love