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  1. Posted by hiwaaga, — Reply

    I see many people confused here so lemme clarify a little, they are bts, I know these pics look 99% similar to 7for7 cover but they are not got7. (I am ahgase btw so don't take me wrong) there are other pics from this day on internet where you can clearly see the face and if you can't find them lemme tell you another logic

  2. Posted by xjeevicax, — Reply

    It’s BTS y’all all the seven members are here if you look closely there is one member lying on the car:)

  3. Posted by saragosling481, — Reply

    What group is this?

  4. Posted by noemietoupet, — Reply


  5. Posted by kiranaekaj, — Reply

    Ini sangat cocok untuk wallpaper

  6. Posted by asl0865, — Reply

    I think its BTS

  7. Posted by Dino_Bling_Bling90, — Reply

    That's BTS yo

  8. Posted by rimekefi, — Reply


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