8 Reasons why plants love cinnamon (These really work!)


8 ways to use for cinnamon in the garden and on house plants. From rooting hormone to gnat removal, cinnamon can be your gardens best friend!


  1. Posted by terryp1959, — Reply

    If anyone has a Peace Lily, I water mine once a month with Epson Salt and it blooms like crazy and the leaves are Hugh! At least 10”x7” or lose to give a little but not less than!

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    To the lady that was asking about epsom salt . I used it to feed all my flowering plants and it worked . I used 1 cup to a gallon of water and this year I have an abundance of blooms . I bought my bag in the garden aisle at Walmart .

  3. Posted by wjhealth165, — Reply

    So thankful to you for sharing info about the cinnamon. I an a natural girl get it from my mom.. My mother use all natural products every chance a opportunity presented itself. From soaking her feet in Epsom Salt and Vinegar after her long day's work at the Laudry.

  4. Posted by stinesykes, — Reply

    Please explain how to use the Cinnamon in the garden do you spread it out on the ground or do you put it in the seed holes, do you wet it on top of the soil before planting or just sprinkle It around the planting site? I love grading but I’m not good at it, I work hard at doing my very best, I’m always open for help.

  5. Posted by miliancorrea, — Reply

    Wow awesome. The Peace Lily is my favorite plant, but it dies/dries up and looks awful in my front yard. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to give us this tip. I’ll do this with a prayer and you in mind. Blessings

  6. Posted by mamaevelyn7, — Reply

    If you have roses 🌹 the love banana peels. They bloom huge and smell awesome. You can lay down strips around the base of the plant 🌱

  7. Posted by judithbarriera, — Reply

    Thank you all for you'r advice. I'm going to use cinnamon and Epsom salt in my plant's. Many blessings to all.

  8. Posted by mariar5480, — Reply

    I used it that way spread out in different pots on my patio on several plants to get the soil moist .

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    How often do you apply Epsom salts to plants, indoor and outdoor?

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