37 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About College That Will Ease Your Back-To-School Stress


"Very ridiculous that I am expected to graduate college and then do something else after that."


  1. Posted by taitohira, — Reply

    we have a subject called OVE (basically energy, sustainability, energy loses,...) and i did a psychological/energy paper if there are too many of us (mostly from energetic point of view. didnt go into psychology part much). and i got so invested in research and argued about my findings w/ prof as he had some other sources 1)

  2. Posted by GeekyWeeky87, — Reply

    Film studies. Neither my friend or I watched the film (standard). Go to lecture, half ass notes. Go to tutorial and it's being taken by a world authority on the genre we were looking at. F**k! She asks our opinion and I remember a small fact that the film was supposed to be realistic. I said was more like a memory where it skips but in a linear fashion.

  3. Posted by LucianJudge, — Reply

    That's how most scientific explanations came to be and things are proven. Mistakes are a good thing sometimes. Unless they're children.

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    So we had to an Amazon like book listing project for our favorite book. I went to the Amazon page listing for the book and copied the whole thing. I got an A and he called it “a very creative format”

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    Tbh doing something like this is a life goal for me

  6. Posted by kaavyaguduru, — Reply

    This makes me want to go to college for some reason

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