30 Cool DIY Furniture Hacks That Are So Creative


Repurpose, makeover, reuse and recycle! This is the way to go with these awesome furniture hack ideas and easy DIY projects.


  1. Posted by mac01512860, — Reply

    These old drawers were refurnished to become selves for a home. This is another creative example of the many ways second-hand shopping can be sustainable.

  2. Posted by callista0560, — Reply

    This looks good but I feel like they could've removed the Handels then it would look better. Great idea though especially in reusing old drawers 💡👍

  3. Posted by SantaBarbarahouse, — Reply

    So cool, yeah. maybe for some people the damaged cabinets will eventually become obsolete rubbish, but it turns out that with a high level of creativity they can be transformed into extraordinary masterpieces, like this drawer cabinet whose origins are ugly and used may become trash, but after repainting and repairing it looks really good... 😍👍

  4. Posted by KerryNFlores, — Reply

    save your used items immediately, and call someone who has advance carpenter skills or maybe you can learn a little basic carpenter skills and turn your used items into a new item 🙀, like a used drawer, this one turns into a side table. Yes, I can paint the drawer. But, I still have difficulty when I have to put the legs on the side table 😧.

  5. Posted by swanmaid2000, — Reply

    Love it! Would use casters & piano hinges. Can then “close” the units together.

  6. Posted by lbr1975, — Reply

    Without handles

  7. Posted by lisamarie907, — Reply

    This would make a cool book stand

  8. Posted by amcangirl67, — Reply

    Drawers into end tables

  9. Posted by acastillo0943, — Reply

    Very cool!! I'm definitely going to try it.

  10. Posted by fukthisshit, — Reply

    that's a great idea

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